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For International Students

Englewood Academy is a private online school in the USA, complying strictly with the US educational standards and common core guidelines. However, EA is open to all international students to attend on a full time or part time basis. International students can choose Englewood Academy as a great alternative to their traditional international schools in their home country or study abroad options. EA is especially beneficial for young students who aren’t ready to study abroad, enabling them to remain home while experiencing a US education.  Additionally, enrolling part time at EA is a great way for parents and students to get a better sense of what the US educational system is like, without the commitment of enrolling full time. 

Englewood Academy Advantages

Englewood Academy’s virtual curriculum has can be translated into major foreign languages, including  Korean, Chinese, and Spanish. All text materials are written in English but first time international students can refer to their own language version for faster understanding. 

Englewood Academy offers an English Language Learners Program (ELL) to all international students without any extra cost. Unlike traditional private schools in the US, Englewood Academy doesn’t require English language skill tests for international students. All full time international students receive admissions counseling for US high school and college admission. We have an excellent  track record admitting our students to both US boarding schools and universities. 

Traditional Korean Village

Student Center
in Seoul, South Korea

Englewood Academy plans to establish a student support center in Seoul, South Korea in 2023. Due to the time difference between Asia and the United States, students and teachers have encountered communication problems. EA plans to establish a support center in order to resolve this issue and bridge the gap between teachers and international students.

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