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At Englewood Academy, we prepare students to thrive in the global 21st century, whether that means preparing them for college or for stepping directly into the workforce. Using our premier, asynchronous curriculum, students can receive a quality education while working on their own schedules and terms. Our certified teachers are dedicated to ensuring students receive quality instruction, and thus thrive in a rigorous academic environment. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you start your online school experience.


Our Teachers

Our teachers are chosen for their passion and expertise, and are fully prepared to challenge students in an online learning environment.

Our Staff

Our administrators, academic advisors, and college counselors ensure that each and every student is thriving, both in their academic and personal lives. 

Business Team

Our Student Body

Our student body is motivated, diverse, hailing from all over the world. With shared clubs and activities, we allow our students to connect and form a global community dedicated to learning and curiosity.

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