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Englewood Academy
K-12 Online Private School


Full-time online students

Englewood Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum through  a convenient self paced online program for students with busy schedules or physical disabilities.  Unlike traditional classroom environments, both gifted  students and slower-paced learners can take advantage of our self-paced, customizable  curriculum. Englewood Academy also offers students a wide variety of virtual and in-person extracurricular activities.

Part-time online students

Students enrolled at traditional in-person schools can also take advantage of our diverse course offerings. This gives students the opportunity to supplement their own education and fulfill unmet academic needs.  We offer over 180 courses, including 14 college-board certified AP courses and a range of electives. 

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International online students 

Englewood Academy is an excellent alternative to attending an International School. Our curriculum strictly complies with US common core guidelines and is accredited by Cognia. International students can obtain high school diplomas from Englewood Academy to attend colleges in the US. Additionally, international students can attend part-time in order to familiarize themselves with the US education system before enrolling full-time.

Enroll Your Child in 3 Easy Steps

Young Teacher

Meet an EA admissions counselor 

Discuss your and your child’s academic and personal goals to create a personalized educational plan.

School Application

Register with EA

Pick the best suited curriculum and activities for your child.
Make a payment (EA has affordable tuition and convenient payment plans.) 


Log in and get started

EA counselors will continue to support your child as they begin their online programs and virtual social events. Simply  log in to access  our state of art online curriculum.

Why Englewood Academy?

Englewood Academy focuses on maximizing the benefit of online learning, while maintaining  crucial social and emotional aspects of a traditional classroom education, through routine one-on-one sessions with counselors and teachers, as well as virtual and in-person social events and activities. We understand that every single student has a unique set of needs and goals for their academic and personal development. EA offers highly customizable educational programs in order to address these unique and diverse needs. Students can choose start and end dates of their own school year, set their own learning pace, and create their schedule, selecting  from over 180 courses. Although EA curriculum is fully English based, major foreign language translation is embedded for all text materials, making lessons for International student friendly as well and great for English language learners. 


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